accuracy and firepower!

All players will receive the impressive 0.68 calibre Inferno Machine Paintball Gun on their day out with Delta Force, ensuring you go into battle with confidence.

The Inferno is a rapid, well-finished semi-automatic gun that allows all players to play with a fast-firing paintball marker that is lightweight and reliable during the heat of combat.

Sculpted out of burnished metal, each gun is lovingly maintained by our team of gunsmiths who are proud of their work, and proud to share these amazing firearms with you.

The comfortable design means you can move around the fields to execute your strategy and easily pick off the enemy one-by-one. Whether you are a one-shot one-kill type of sniper or a shoot-at-everything-that-moves commando, we’re sure you’ll find that this gun will satisfy your paintball needs.

Play with Delta Force for the ultimate paintball experience!