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Delta Force Melbourne – Dingley

Delta Force Melbourne centre at Dingley Village will have you ducking and weaving through our amazing movie-set props. You may attempt to pass through the pyramid and sphinxes, reach the real USAF aircraft and missile silos, or even battle it out in a wild west town where the action takes you through the likes of a saloon, trading post store or even the bonds office.

Delta Force Paintball is the largest paintball company in the world with paintball operations currently in Australia, the UK, Ireland, New Zealand, Canada. Our centres are managed and staffed by professionally trained personnel who excel in delivering both the safest and thrilling day of paintball on the planet.

Our paintball games facilities are also of the highest standard. They have excited and enthused paintballers for more than two and a half decades. We have improved the paintball experience for more than 5 million Delta Force customers around the world.

With the best equipment, the best paintball fields and the best paintball experience possible, it has to be with Delta Force Paintball Melbourne – Dingley!