Custom-designed armour.

Take charge on your next Melbourne paintball outing! On arrival at Delta Force Dingley all players will be supplied with the latest custom-designed paintball body armour, allowing you to enjoy your day in complete comfort and safety.

Delta Force commissioned the design and manufacture of the body armour. The ‘suit’ comprises of multiple rigid plastic plates contained within a flexible skin. The protective plates and flexible skin are completely ventilated to avoid a build up of body heat.

If you have friends that were previously too shy to play paintball then bring them along and watch as they succeed in bringing the ancient relic from the pyramid back to your base.

Our marshals have seen the games played out many times, however they say that the best moments have come from people advancing on the enemy with guns blazing and bringing victory to their team. No we won’t give full credit to the body armour, however it definitely helps make the decision to charge when you’re at that critical point in the game.

Play with confidence and comfort, play with Delta Force!