The quick reloading ammunition pack!

Picture this… you push your remaining team members up the field after enduring a heavy shoot-out with the enemy. Holding your position you signal to your friends to move forward. The plan works as the few opposing players left expose their position. You have the perfect angle to take them out and bring victory to your team. As you pull the trigger on what would be the winning shots you realise you have no ammunition left. Don’t let this happen to you. Before you hit the fields be sure to stock up your ammunition pack to ensure you never run dry in the heat of battle.

These packs are available to all players and can carry an additional 400 paintballs. For those players who are a little more trigger-happy than others, then this is the essential piece of equipment for your paintball adventure!

The quick reloading ammunition pack by Delta Force is just another initiative designed to make your day of outdoor action the perfect paintball experience.