South Australia’s newest paintball centre

For too long the Adelaide paintball scene has been neglected of a world-class paintball venue, but all of that is about to change. In the coming weeks Delta Force Paintball, the world’s largest operator of paintball games, will be opening up in Monarto and bringing with it a plethora of quality game zones, equipment and professional staff!
Situated less than an hour away from the CBD, the paintball centre is easily accessible along the South Eastern Freeway and will shortly enable residents and visitors of Adelaide the opportunity to enjoy an experience an adventure of a lifetime.The highlight of Monarto Paintball would have to be Tomb Raider, a quality game zone that consists of a huge pyramid and guarding sphinxes. Your objective is to capture the ancient artefacts, which lie in the heart of the pyramid, before they fall into the wrong hands. Get into the tomb, secure the artefact and use the giant sphinxes as cover to escape. Do you have what it takes?With the signature Delta Force game zone of Tomb Raider being the main focus, other inspiring game zones such as London After the Apocalypse, Tropic Thunder and Resident Evil will also bring a breath of fresh air to the South Australian paintball scene.Many of these game zones are new to Australian shores, bringing with them the European flair that Delta Force customers are used to enjoying. Our game zone development and construction team (yes, that job exists!) have been hard at work ensuring that the scenarios are as fun and exciting as possible.These scenarios allow for maximum ‘playability’ enabling players to constantly create new angles and the games to keep moving at a good pace.In addition to the movie-set scenarios we’ve also kept an old-time favourite – Speedball. This is the ultimate paintball battle… a fast-paced scenario where the objective is total annihilation – eliminate or be eliminated!But it’s not just the game zones that are impressive at Monarto. On your day out at our Adelaide paintball centre you will also be able to enjoy the comfort of our base camp and onsite shop, where you can talk tactics and top-up for the games ahead.
Delta Force Paintball, the perfect setting for your next adventure!

Posted in News on 25th July 2013

Last updated 10th February 2021