Corporate Groups


Challenge your staff and motivate your team!

Do you have the task of organising the next corporate outing? Then look no further; Delta Force has entertained countless amounts of companies over our 20+ year history and can organise a session of entertaining paintball action with your corporate objectives in mind.

Whether you are looking to motivate your staff or thank your valued clients, a day of paintballing in Melbourne with the world leader in paintball entertainment is just the answer.


Our Melbourne paintball centre is easily accessible and comes complete with movie-set game zones, state-of-the-art equipment and professional staff. With a 100% safety record you can rest assured that your colleagues and clients will have a safe and enjoyable day. All players are equipped with a full-length body suit with protective neck padding, full head helmets and body armour to protect the upper torso.

Paintball is fast becoming the activity of choice for corporate events and for good reason. It is great for relieving stress while promoting teamwork in a fun and interactive atmosphere. Leaders will emerge through practical application of strategic planning. Team spirit and friendships build as the day progresses. The tension and pressure of everyday life is forgotten as the participants slip into the amazing world of paintball.

There is nothing quite like a corporate paintball day.

Picture you and your fellow colleagues decked out in full body camouflage overalls crawling through the woods searching for the enemy. Strategy, skill and determination are required for success, and this must be done as a group if you are to stand any chance of being victorious.

To organise your next Melbourne corporate outing, contact one of our event coordinators on 1300 793 702 and we’ll tailor a package to suit you.