Great news for Melbourne paintball enthusiasts! Delta Force Paintball has just released a new and exciting website, making it even easier to organise your next Melbourne paintball adventure!

From a recent Delta Force survey, we asked you how we could improve our already impressive service to make your booking easier and your day more enjoyable. We had a lot of great feedback, but the greatest response was to provide you with more information on our world-class facilities, equipment and game zones.

We listened to what you had to say and have delivered Melbourne Paintballing ( The new website provides you with all of the information you need to get the troops together and ready for a day of action-packed combat. With invitations to download, detailed game zone information and a direct facebook link to keep you up to date with the latest news and paintball tips, you now have all the information you need to get the team pumped-up and ready to go. Caution, side effects will include some of your team arriving looking like Rambo.

Paintball in Melbourne has taken off on astronomical levels. Every weekend there are more first-timers playing than ever before, and the Delta Force paintball centre in Dingley is seeing a whole heap of repeat customers coming back for more punishment/amazing paintball fun! A lot of comments from the customer feedback forms showed that the Tomb Raider game zone with the giant pyramid proved toughest with a majority of customers wanting to return to use a different strategy to capture the ancient relic.

On your next Melbourne paintballing experience you’ll also be able to encounter our other incredible movie-set game zones, which include:
Checkpoint Charlie: You and your team must locate the injured comrades and successfully bring them back over the bridge and through Checkpoint Charlie. But beware; the enemy will be hot on your heels
Chemical Alley: You must conduct a dawn-raid to bring down an illegal drugs operation. Use your skill and expertise to bring down the drug barons
Dodge City: Chaos has broken out in the city due to the booming cattle trade times of the Great Western Cattle Trail. Overpower the gang and hand power back to the mayor
Gold Rush: Use the abandoned mine cart to sneak up on the mob. With help from the local police, you’ll need to execute the attack quickly to help prevent a riot

To improve your chances of victory on the day you’ll need top of the range equipment. Delta Force has invested in the latest paintball technology to ensure your day of paintball is played in comfort and safety. View the equipment section of the website to get a detailed description of the essential gear you’ll use on the day of your event.

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Delta Force ( is the world leader in paintball entertainment and have improved our customer service with a dedicated website to paintballing in Melbourne. We would love to keep improving so that we can make your paintball experience even better, so if you have any suggestions please contact us (hyperlink to contact page) and we’ll do everything we can to satisfy your paintballing needs.

To book your next Delta Force paintball adventure, contact us today on 1300 850 744.

Posted in News on 20th June 2013

Last updated 10th February 2021