Game zone in focus: Checkpoint Charlie

You have received information that two of your comrades have been shot down. They are safe but injured, and to make matters worse they are behind enemy lines. You and your team must rescue them immediately as they have highly classified information and are in grave danger.Your mission is to successfully navigate through the harsh landscape, locate them and get everyone back safely through Checkpoint Charlie. But beware; the enemy will be hot on your heels.Checkpoint Charlie is a signature game zone at Delta Force Dingley and comes complete with two massive USAF aircraft. It will test the skills of all players and good communication is essential if you are to bring your comrades back to safety.One of the main thoroughfares on the field is the bridge in the middle. For your best chance at returning safely, you and your team need to secure the bridge and ensure that no enemy forces can cross. If you are on the high ground of the field then use the angles to your advantage to stop the enemy from advancing.In addition to the USAF aircraft and bridge, the field also has a whole host of bunkers, dug outs and sandbag walls to take cover behind.Variations of the ‘Headquarters’ game rules are usually played where both teams start at opposite ends of the field, equal distance apart from their objectives. Points are awarded to the team that can cross the bridge and get their team safely through Checkpoint Charlie.At Delta Force Paintball, we pride ourselves on offering our customers an amazing variety of game zones. On a full day out at Dingley you will experience this zone plus many more, it really is the ultimate day out.
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Posted in News on 25th July 2013

Last updated 10th February 2021