What are paintballs made of?


Back in the 80’s when this awesome game of paintball was created, the paint commonly used was oil based, and was unfriendly to the environment. Oil based paint is the most difficult to wash out of clothing, and can react with the gelatine shell, making the paintball less accurate while shooting.

That doesn’t sound like fun.

3 rules of paintball

Delta Force Paintball uses Polyethylene Glycol filled shells (PEG). This paint is environmentally friendly, and is water soluble. The PEG paintballs we use are a high quality, and have better circular consistency (meaning better distance and accuracy).

The water solubility of the paint means that it will wash out of your clothes with ease.

Less washing up = win.

Posted in News on 29th May 2017

Last updated 20th March 2017