The Benefits of Group Activities

Group activities have been used for centuries to raise morale and engender team spirit. Today there is a wide range of team building activities on offer, but none more popular than that of paintball.The benefits received from a group paintballing activity are like no other. All attendees want to achieve the same goal, which is to eliminate the opposition. The best part about paintball is that it caters to men and women of all ages and fitness abilities, and no previous experience is needed. Every team needs attackers and defenders, and every group usually has their own unique mix of people fitting to these descriptions.With paintball there is no defined textbook strategy as to how to play a certain game zone. Every field plays differently and every game on that field needs a new strategy.
At Delta Force Dingley we see a lot of corporate, sporting and social groups come through our doors and they all leave with a smile on their face. Why? Partly because our facilities, staff and equipment are world-class, but also because it is a group activity and nothing beats getting outdoors with your mates, with a paintball gun in hand trying to eliminate the opposition.It is the ultimate group activity!Paintball has been around for approximately 30 years and the aim of the game has not changed. Delta Force has revolutionised the sport with our movie-set game zones. The sport is more popular now than ever before is because people love socialising, and there is no better social activity than paintball.Without even realising it, after a full day of paintball action at Delta Force you would have worked on your teamwork, communication and strategy skills. Paintball is like a game of chess. You need to move your teammates around the field in order to get them into an attacking position.
But most importantly it’s all about having fun. And that’s exactly what your group will do at Delta Force. Not only do we entertain your average weekend warrior, but we’ve also played host to a wide range of professional sporting teams. Be it as an end of year celebration or an activity to get back on track mid-season, paintball has played an important role in the success of groups all around the world.Group activities have also been proven to improve productivity and decrease staff turnover.

Posted in News on 25th July 2013

Last updated 10th February 2021