Paintball Hens Parties

Delta Force has safely entertained hundreds of Hen groups, ensuring they have a day to remember. Our highly trained, friendly marshals will tailor a day of paintball action to suit your unique needs, ensuring your last few days as a single lady will live in your memory forever!Paintball hen’s parties are becoming more popular thanks to Delta Force’s state-of-the-art paintball equipment. If you or some of your friends have previously been to shy to play this fast and action-packed sport then think again.All Delta Force players will receive on arrival all of the essential gear necessary to get you ready for combat. Not only will you get a full length camouflage body suit with protective neck padding, a full head helmet and a battle pack capable of holding an additional 400 paintballs, but you’ll also receive our custom-designed body armour which gives you added protection to the upper torso.
This impressive equipment is issued to all players free of charge and ensures that you and your team can go onto the paintball field in confidence!When you are all dressed up in your stylish camo overalls and have your helmets secured, your team will proceed through to the gun zone and collect your semi-automatic paintball machine gun. These guns are reliable and lightweight to provide you with great manoeuvrability on the paintball field.Picture yourself positioned low behind the giant sphinx. The ancient relic that you need to acquire is near. Will your girls provide you with cover fire as you attempt to retrieve it, or will they let the enemy light you up like a Christmas tree?Does this sound like an exciting way to kick off your hen’s party?Delta Force Dingley is only 30 minutes from the Melbourne CBD, meaning we are conveniently located close enough to the heart of the city yet far enough away so you can enjoy outdoor paintball action at its very best.Call the booking office today on 1300 850 744 and start prepping the entourage for a fun and exciting day of paintball action!

Posted in News on 2nd August 2013

Last updated 10th February 2021