Dingley Welcomes 2 new Additions

USAF Aircraft Delta Force Paintball DingleyThe latest additions to the paintball centre in Dingley have been a big hit amongst all paintball enthusiasts in Melbourne.

Delta Force Paintball, known for our incredible movie-set game scenarios, has just landed two massive USAF aircrafts, making a day out at Dingley even more exciting! Providing more cover than ever before, these impressive planes have changed the way the games are played on Checkpoint Charlie.

If you think it’s safe to cross the bridge, think again. With new areas to attack from (and retreat behind), you’ll have the opposition second-guessing every move.

The USAF aircrafts are just another Delta Force initiative planned to further add to our movie-set quality paintball facilities and premium paintballing experience. The Delta Force paintball centre in Dingley has been issued with a 5 star rating from the Australian Paintball Association (AUPBA), further proving that we are the industry leader in paintball entertainment.

USAF Aircraft Delta Force Paintball MelbourneIn addition to these new aircraft, on a day out at Dingley you’ll also encounter Tomb Raider with a pyramid and giant sphinxes, the Wild West, Dodge City and Chemical Alley, where you’ll need to eliminate the enemy before they destroy the city’s fuel reserves.

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Posted in News on 12th August 2013

Last updated 4th January 2024