Do you have kids who want to play paintball with their brothers, sisters or friends but can’t because they were under 10 years of age? We have some exciting news for you!

The Delta Force Paintball initiative has been hard at work, tailoring the experience we provide for younger players with MiniBall. Delta Force Paintball introduced MiniBall to Australia in May 2013. Victoria’s legislation restricts paintballing to persons of 18 years and over, and the ACT prohibits players to being 16 years and over. Our solution was to supply a paintball gun (correctly termed ‘marker’) that did not contravene existing legislations in these regions due to it’s spring action and smaller calibre ammunition. These MiniBall guns still easily provide enough firepower for the players to experience the thrill of paintball, whilst ensuring the absolute comfort and safety of all participants.


Add to the game of MiniBall our amazing game zones and professional staff to keep the action pumping along and to ensure safety, and suddenly players as young as 8 years can NOW take to the fields every weekend on our Melbourne and Canberra fields.

Play today by booking online or giving us a call on 1300 793 702

Posted in News on 27th January 2015

Last updated 10th February 2021