Melbourne Corporate Christmas Parties

Delta Force Paintball is the place in Melbourne to host your corporate Christmas party. Our location is close enough to the city so that you don’t have to wake up at the crack of dawn yet you can still take advantage of the great outdoors on our incredible movie-set paintball fields.If you’ve been tasked with organizing the staff Christmas party then fear not as we’ve got you covered. Paintball is the perfect activity for everyone in the office as it requires no previous experience, sporting ability and people of all ages and levels of fitness can participate on equal footing. It’s also great fun!It will be the highlight of the year for you and your colleagues! Decked out in full-length overalls, body armour and a battle pack to carry an additional 400 paintballs, you may look the part but do you have what it takes to defeat the opposition?There is only one way to find out. Spread the word around the office and watch the rivalry build. But choose your team carefully. As a general rule usually those from the IT department are the ones to watch out for. They may seem quiet and innocent but when you get them onto a paintball field they are absolute cannonballs!At the end of the day it’s all about having fun, which is exactly what you’ll get when you and your group play at Delta Force.At Delta Force Dingley we see a lot of corporate, sporting and social groups come through our doors and they all leave with a smile on their face. Why? Partly because our facilities, staff and equipment are world-class, but also because it is a group activity and nothing beats getting outdoors with your mates, with a paintball gun in hand trying to eliminate the opposition.It is the ultimate corporate activity!Without even realising it, after a full day of paintball action at Delta Force you would have worked on your teamwork, communication and strategy skills. Paintball is like a game of chess. You need to move your teammates around the field in order to get them into an attacking position.With longer days and warmer weather upon us, our phones are ringing off the hook with groups booking in their Christmas paintball parties. Delta Force Paintball is the world’s largest paintball company and we have the facilities, equipment and staff to help you achieve your corporate objectives.Contact us today on 1300 850 744 and speak to one of our friendly event coordinators to see how a paintball party is perfect for you and your group.

Posted in News on 25th July 2013

Last updated 10th February 2021