Dingley Paintball Guns and Ammo

On arrival at Delta Force Dingley you’ll be issued with all of the essentials for the day… full-length camouflage overalls, full-head protection goggles, body armour and a hip-mounted battle pack.But what you’re probably most interested in is the gun. After you go through the morning safety procedures you’ll proceed through to the gun zone where you’ll collect your artillery for the day. This will be in the form of a 0.68 calibre Inferno paintball machine gun.aug-22
The Inferno is a rapid, well-finished semi-automatic gun that allows first time players and veterans alike to play with a marker that gives serious accuracy and firepower.Sculpted out of burnished metal, each gun is lovingly maintained by our team of gunsmiths who are proud of their work and proud to share these amazing firearms with you.After collecting the gun you’ll then reach our top secret shooting range, where you can fire off a few rounds to get your eye in for the games ahead. Start off by shooting some close targets and, as you get more familiar with the gun, attempt some of the more difficult targets towards the back of the range. You never know when you’ll need to take that sniper shot through the window if the USAF aircraft.The paintball gun is fast firing, lightweight and gives you great reliability during battle. But this will count for nothing if you run out of ammo in the heat of a fight. To help you with this Delta Force designed a quick reloading ammunition pack.These packs are available to all players and can carry an additional 400 paintballs, which is ideal for those scenarios where you need to assassinate the President or storm the Fort and eliminate the enemy. For those players who are a little more trigger-happy than others, then this is the essential piece of equipment for your paintball adventure!This is just another initiative designed to make your day of outdoor action the perfect paintball experience.With the Inferno paintball gun in your hands, and the ammunition pack around your waist, you’ll feel like a true commando as you head out to our impressive movie-set game zones.At all times when handling the paintball gun you will need to adhere to the safety rules and regulations to ensure allplayers have a safe and enjoyable day.If you have any questions about the paintball gun on the day be sure to ask our friendly marshals. They love what they do and will happily share some tips and tactics with you.

Posted in News on 25th July 2013

Last updated 10th February 2021