Adventure Sports Melbourne

Nothing compares to a full day of paintball action on the very best movie-set scenarios in the world, and that’s exactly what you’ll find at our purpose built Melbourne paintball centre in Dingley. Located only 30 minutes from the Melbourne CBD, we are conveniently located close enough to the heart of the city yet far enough so you can enjoy outdoor paintball action at its very best.With a plethora of activities to choose from in Melbourne we understand that it is difficult when choosing an adventure activity to do with your mates. But be it for a bucks or hens party, corporate outing, birthday party, or just because you feel like shooting each other, Delta Force Paintball will certainly tick all of the boxes for your outdoors adventure.Let our experienced staff look after you as you and your mates prepare for the adventure of a lifetime. As you arrive you’ll receive all of the essentials necessary for battle, including a full-head helmet, full-length camouflage overalls, custom-designed body armour and a 400-capacity ammunition holder.
After undergoing the essential safety brief, you and your team will proceed through to the gun zone where you will be issued with a 0.68 calibre Inferno Paintball machine gun. You can also let off a few rounds at our top-secret shooting range, ensuring you get your eye in for the mission ahead.Be sure to take advantage of the natural environment and attack the enemy when they least expect it. The landscape enables you to roam the fields unnoticed and provides you with a range of attacking options. Choose your strategy carefully as one wrong move could mean defeat for you and your team. Utilise the trenches and thick bush, along with the incredible movie-set props, to your advantage.Picture yourself hiding in the bunker on Checkpoint Charlie. As you peek out and see the enemy advancing towards the bridge. You cannot allow them to cross! You signal your plans to your team and put them in motion. With cover fire coming from all around angles, you move towards the next barricade. Can you stop the enemy from advancing?Our amazing game scenarios, facilities and equipment offer the perfect weekend or holiday visit for all players. Delta Force has an outstanding safety record and an enviable reputation for organising great adventure days out.

Posted in News on 25th July 2013

Last updated 10th February 2021